Windows Phone Recovery Tool

Windows Phone Recovery Tool 3.10

Scans supported Lumia phones and removes junk files that are not needed anymore
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Fixes problems related to your Lumia phone, restores files, removes unnecessary files from all the categories and keeps the phone up-to-date.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool helps you reset and recover your Lumia smartphone, fix the software-related problems and remove the unnecessary files from your phone, like apps, games, call history, texts, music, photos, etc. This application can detect the hardware/software model/version of the connected Microsoft phone and download the latest version of Windows approved for it.

To use Windows Phone Recovery Tool, you will need to have a computer with at least 4 GB of free storage space and with Windows 7 or later operating system running. Also, you will need a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC. It's great to know that the recovery tool works with a great number of smartphone models, including Acer, Alcatel, BLU, HTC (One M8 and 8X), LG, Lumia, NEO, UniStrong, VAIO and Yezz.

The users should also bear in mind that the program only works with Windows OS, neither Mac nor Linux systems are supported at the moment. The developers of Windows Phone Recovery Tool recommend (before using this tool) to restart or reset the phone. It can also help to fix the issues you want to solve.

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  • Automatically detects hardware models and software versions
  • Works on a number of smartphone models
  • Great functionality


  • Requires 4 GB of free storage space
  • Works only with Windows 7 and higher
  • Needs resetting
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